What to expect in Second Trimester

The very first thing you must be wondering is now that you have started your second trimester journey, what should you expect in this phase? Well, I know this because this is exactly what I have been asking and looking the internet for ever since I entered my second trimester.

Talking about my personal experience of first trimester, it wasn’t as bad as many women say it is. Of course, in pregnancy you can never be sure what symptoms you will or won’t feel. But as far as my first trimester goes, I was rather pretty okay. Apart from the heightened sense of smell which really made me feel worse at times. Click here if you want to read what symptoms I had in my first trimester.

Coming back to the main point, pregnancy is different for different women. I know of some women who wanted to look pregnant in the first few weeks, but it is only once you reach the second trimester that you start to both look and feel pregnant especially if it is your first baby. If you’ve been feeling too under the weather the last three months, the good news is that it may all just fade and you will find yourself to be more energetic. I say this out of experience of women in my circle. But yes, exceptions are always there.

Here’s what may happen to your body in the second trimester

  • You can definitely see some changes in the size of your breasts. The bras I used to wear pre-pregnancy do not fit me anymore. Of course, there isn’t too noticeable a change in the size but I know it’s starting.
  • There are going to be changes in the way your skin feels. I have never had dry, flaky skin. Ever. But every night my hands, arms and legs start to feel so itchy I have to apply coconut oil which does make me feel better. At least, I’m able to sleep better with it.
  • If you’ve had problems with your back in the past, I suggest you start with back strengthening exercises but make sure you consult your gynae before that. I have started having sever lower back ache which is worse at night. I try to exercise as often as I can but not sure if it is helping too much or maybe I need to be a little patient for the results to show.
  • Then there’s pigmentation on face. I have been constantly noticing the way my skin is reacting to pregnancy. And it is only now that I have started developing a bit of pigmentation on face. Although it may not look as nice initially but you have to understand that it is only temporary. In any case, you can always consult your gynae for lotions or creams you could safely use if it bothers you so much.
  • You may also experience slight pain in the pubic area in your second trimester. Not sure what causes it but it is not intolerable. You may feel it once in a while but not something that you should worry about.

These are some of the changes that I have experienced personally. It may be different for you, but I guess this list will keep growing as and when I move along in the second trimester.

One thing that I’ve been constantly asked by people to get checked is my glucose levels. As they say there are chances of gestational diabetes in the second trimester so that’s one thing on my mind and will be getting done very soon after consultation with my gynae.

I’d absolutely love for you guys to share your experience of second trimester. Has it been any different for you so far? How are you feeling?

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